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Location: Portland, Oregon
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My mother tells the story of taking me with her to her art classes at the University of Minnesota back in the early 70’s where the instructor would set me up with a little paper and paint and I would create along side my mother. This being the early 70’s, the instructor was pushing for the class to paint Abstract expressionism, to “put their emotions on the canvas”. One day, the instructor became so frustrated with the class not understanding this concept he grabbed my painting, held it up and yelled “Like THIS!” That’s when we all knew I was going to be an artist when I grew up.

Still, I am what you might call a “late bloomer” as schooling always came second to having a full-time job. I am a 98% self-taught artist having only taken a couple of life-drawing classes and one watercolor class at Atelier Lack in Minneapolis. To date my most influential instructor and mentor was my high school art teacher Mr. Richard Cunningham. However, after discovering acrylics in late 2006, I was inspired to begin taking myself seriously. Why it took me so long to try acrylics is beyond me. However, I am a big believer in Fate and ‘timing is everything’ so perhaps it just wasn’t my time until then. Now, I find myself painting every single day and loving every minute of it.

I hope you enjoy my paintings. If you do, please feel free to commission anything you like. I love painting everything from pets and people to landscapes and sitting rooms. I enjoy all sizes from 1″ miniatures to murals and will attack any great challenge with a vengeance.

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