Larger Paintings – Pets and Otherwise

Many people who meet me ask, “Can you paint larger paintings?” Well, of course I can and I enjoy them equally to painting miniatures. Here is just an example of my larger paintings.

Rufus 6″x12″ 2013 – Commissioned Portrait

Rufus 002

Winston 6″x8″ 2013 – Commissioned Portrait

Winston 002

Riley 6″x8″ 2013 – Commissioned Portrait

riley 001

Sydney 6″x8″ 2012 – Commissioned Portrait

sydney 002

Driver 6″x8″ 2012 – Commissioned Portrait

driver 003

ZZ Top 6×8″ 2011 – Commissioned Portrait

Mr. Barney 6×8″ 2011 – Commissioned Portrait

Brandy 6×9″ 2010 – Commissioned Portrait

Molly 5×7″ 2010 – Commissioned Portrait

Murphy 5×7″ 2010 – Commissioned Portrait

Elphie 6×8″ 2009 – Commissioned Portrait

Fourth of July Nap – 2008 20×24″
fourth of july

Breakfast in the Village – 2008 24×30″
breakfast in the village

Baby Sleeps – 2008 20×24″
baby sleeps

Emos 9×12″ 2009 Commissioned pet portraitEmos 9x12 commissioned pet portrait


  1. Hi, Jenn! Wow…. I absolutely love all these paintings. “Fourth of July Nap” is super- I think the perspective is refreshing. I would like to commission one of your mini pet necklaces. My cat, Kiki, is getting on in years and I have been looking for something special to someday remember her by. A work done by you would be a treasure, indeed. (There’s no hurry…) love, Laurie

  2. Love the painting “Fourth of July Nap”.

  3. Dear Jenn

    Louis the cat was the family member of the woman I sometimes sit next to at work from time to time. I complimented her taste on an accessory she was sporting at work and one thing led to another and VOILA she turned me on to your gifts (this website and your work)

    You may be aware, which I was not until only recently, before there was photographic imagery, people were immortalized on gorgeous portraits designed to be worn from one’s neck.

    The expression of love and care and skill that goes into the portraits you make are intense and brilliant. This is intoxicating eye candy as they say!

    • Thanks Alex!
      Yes, those old portraits turn up once in a while on Antiques Roadshow (which I am a huge fan of!) and are really amazing! I really do enjoy working small, particularly when it’s a commissioned portrait or scene. There is something about the fact that it really means something to the client that gets to my heart and I think it shows in my work.

  4. Amazing work Jen. Victoria said Rufus was the best birthday gift she’s ever had.

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